Idea Hub

Engage to co-create innovations

The very first application that turns your Jira into user-friendly platform to collect and assess ideas, and to manage feedback.


Is Your Company Messy?

Scattered ideas and feedback hidden within the organization’s various share drives, spreadsheets or survey tools leads to missed business opportunities.

Communication with your customer via e-mail, service desk or other medium outside your product development ecosystem can slow down the project and hinder the process of taking the customer’s feedback into account.

Ecosystem that holds your whole project together

You use Jira to manage your project, Confluence to plan, Bitbucket to manage your code, and Bamboo for continous testing and deployment.

Now, finally you can close a loop to manage feedback and ideas with Idea Hub.

One place to listen to employees and customers

You will gather ideas to stimulate co-worker engagement

You will finally ensure continous feedback from customers

Perfect place
for a civilized

Each new thread is managed by a moderator who facilitates and reviews the emerging ideas. He is responsible for ensuring that every idea is complete in substantive terms, but also for discussions to lead to valuable conclusions.


Crowdsource your product backlog

Thanks to the constantly flowing ideas strictly selected by the community members, you have a ready portion of new possibilities that are immediately suitable for consideration and introduction in Product Backlog.


Assess & implement

The best ideas of users do not always turn out to be possible to implement or correspond to the organization's vision. Idea Hub allows you to create an Assessment Center in which an internal Committee consisting of, for example, Product Owner, Project Manager and representatives of the marketing and sales department can choose the ideas that will add the greatest value to the project at any given time.


Manage multiple projects

Each project is part of one larger Meta Portal, which allows you to simultaneously create portals for all your projects, and users can quickly and easily switch between them and discuss on several levels.

Who are we?

CoreSoft Labs is a place where creativity, passion and hard work are combined together.

It was founded by a group of software development enthusiasts who are eager to improve the virtual world around them. Rich experience, both in software development and business, allows us to quickly define and meet Customers’ needs. Most of our released projects relate to delivering Apps for Atlassian products.

Our goal is to make IT environment more friendly and yet more functional. We attach great importance to implement practical solutions that have high usability and that bring real value to organizations.


"Works like a charm. Vendory support is really helpful and responsive. Thanks guys!"

What Our Clients Are Saying

- Anthony Arnett

Strive for innovation. Be one step ahead.

Let your community members help your projects to grow and blossom and that keep up with current trends and ever-changing markets.